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About GoAus.net

GOAUS.NET is user friendly online directory of companies in Australia.


[09-Apr-2011] Dear visitors, GOAUS.NET have new owner and new webmaster. In near future it will be moved to much faster Australian server.
GOOD NEWS is that GOAUS.NET online directory of Australian companies will stay 100% FREE.
We "inherit" goaus.net mailbox with a lot of requirements (most of them to add new company to our data base). Please give us 2 weeks to upload and process all data we have.

After all changes are finished, we will be much faster with reacting. This directory is human edited, and this means all data is checked (most of them over website if it is provided), so please don't spam, unneccessarily.

Thank you for understanding and cooperation.

Goaus.net team.

In progress: working on mobile firendly version..

How to find company?

You can find any company in our directury in 3 easy and fast steps.

  1. Choose category (or search category in search box above)
  2. Choose city or place
  3. Find company your are looking for

How to add new company?

Company owners: You can add your company to GOAUS.NET for FREE. How?

  1. Find proper category
  2. On page [category].goaus.net click on ADD NEW
  3. Fill the filds in our Form. It's very helpful if you have a website - then we can check your data much faster.

Report Error

If you find an error in data of your company, please inform Us. Just click on Report Error link on page where you found the error.